4 Ways To Make More Money With PropellerAds For Beginners

Hey Guys! Welcome to the Savvy Engineer World! In today’s Topic you are going to Discover the 4 Tactics To Make More Money Online From Home Using One of the most powerful Ads networks in the market Nowadays, here we talk about Propeller Ads, and these 4 strategies are;

1. Native Ads

It’s time to discuss what Native ads are.

Native ads, in essence, are content widgets placed at the most viewed parts of the webpage. Each Native ad has these two elements:

  • Title (up to 65 characters)
  • Image (492 x 328 px; jpg or png)

Optionally, you can also add another element – Description as some websites choose to display it.

Native ads offer flexible pricing options: you can choose between launching CPС or CPM campaigns. The prices look quite tempting as well:

  • Min. bid for CPC is $0.005
  • Min. bid for CPM is $0.01

Still not sold on Native Ads? We have asked advertisers from the focus group for feedback and found out that there are 6 primary reasons why they love Native Ads. Here’s what they say.

NativeAds capture MORE attention

It’s been estimated that Native ads generate the highest engagement rates compared to traditional banners and capture 40% more attention due to their positioning and relevance.

What’s the mechanism making these ads perform better? Native ads present advertisers with an opportunity to launch non-intrusive and more precise ad campaigns that are relevant to the surrounding website content, while the visual style allows them to blend in (widget looks just like organic content).

You pay only for REAL impressions/clicks

We make sure that advertisers pay only for authentic clicks and impressions. How does it work?

Let’s say a user was randomly scrolling the webpage where your ad was placed. If he saw less than 50% of the ad widget and spent less than 2 seconds looking at your ad – you are not paying for this impression.

We also have implemented the Misclick detection technology, which protects advertisers from accidental or random clicks.

Here’s an example of the typical misclick: a user has clicked the ad but instantly returned to the initial page. Obviously,  this kind of interaction can’t be considered a quality one; you are not paying for all sessions that last less than 2 seconds.

NativeAds are immune to AdBlock

This new ad format represents a new philosophy for promoting offers and communicating with users: no forced clicks, no popups, no automatic redirection – the things users hate are eliminated.

Instead, Native Ads offer quality content with a focus on relevancy. No job for adblockers here.

2. Push Notifications

What do they look like? Push notification is a short alert message with an icon that appears in your client’s browser or a mobile device.

How can you benefit from Push Notifications?

Let’s start with the fact that Push notifications are an entirely new Ad format, yet it spreads at a lightning pace with our database currently totaling at 60 million unique users. Is the user database the only factor, defining the success of the Ad format? No, and that’s precisely why there are so many additional benefits, the advertiser can take advantage of:

Engaged audience and higher retention

Push notifications are in essence a new generation of native ads, being native not just to the website content, but native to user interests. With push notifications you are getting an audience that is genuinely interested in the product you present.

Push notifications are also a great way to remind your existing clients of your product or services. It’s been proved that regularly sent notifications increase the retention rate by 20%.

Push notifications are a universal ad format that works with any type of products, services and CPA offers. It opens broad possibilities for content promotion should it be an offer, announcement, website update or a brand awareness campaign.

Here are some content ideas for your push notifications:

  •      Special offers and promos
  •      News and content updates
  •      Alerts, based on geolocation
  •      eCommerce updates: sales & discounts announcements
  •      Downloadables: eBooks, check-lists, templates
  •      Mobile apps promos to increase installs
  •      Freebies (like sweepstakes etc.)

As you can see, push notifications are a great way to reach your customers directly. This ad format adds more diversity to your marketing mix, and it’s essential for consistent long-term growth of  your business.

3. Pop Ads

Pop-Under Ads (also known as clickunders) appear in a new browser tab hidden under the main page the user is viewing. Popunder ads appear when a user clicks anywhere on the page.

Such ads allow your visitors to skip the banner ad stage and bring users’ attention directly to a site or landing page. So Popunder ads appear when a user clicks anywhere on the page.

Using Popunders could help you to monetize all the incoming traffic – PropellerAds pays for international traffic! their advanced onclick technology allows both online advertisers and publishers to take advantage of the benefits of Pop-Under.

CPM payouts for Popunder ads are significantly higher than traditional display ads and help publishers get up to 200% more revenue from their audience.

Let’s review the benefits which you get as a Publisher from the Popunder ads:

  • Dynamic CPM Rates

The rates are fully dynamic and different for each website and depend on the kind of your traffic, geo, traffic conversion rate and a few more parameters. We offer the highest international traffic coverage which would help you earn as much as possible.

  • Get paid for every impression

We count every Onclick Popunder impression and you will get paid for all of your visitors who see our ad offers!

  • More ad spaces

Onclick doesn’t affect your current banner inventory and website design because ad space is not required.

If you would like to increase your profits, you can also try our Smartlink/Direct ads and implement an additional Onclick ad in your own banner, image or text.

  • Mobile traffic monetization included

Our Onclick Popunder ads work on most mobile devices, which gives you 100% monetization of your traffic without additional efforts.

  • Easy to integrate

Just paste a simple ad script in the source code below the <body> tag and start your earning.

  • Clean ads

PropellerAds is serious about their publisher’s property and what kind of ads to display on your sites. they never accept suggestive or malicious content from our advertisers.

4. Referral Program

How does it work and how much can I earn?

Once approved as a Publisher you will have access to your personal Referral link in your dashboard.When someone signs up as a Propeller Ads publisher and does so using your link, you will earn a 5% commission on all of his future revenue.

This is a lifetime commission, which means you can keep growing a revenue by simply referring people to our network. Keeping track of your referral earnings through the dedicated Referral Program page couldn’t be simpler. An easy to setup and easy to earn new revenue stream that anyone can profit from.

How do I effectively sell referral links?

There are a number of ways to attract users to Propeller Ads through your referral link. Here are some of the most common techniques that our top referrers use to great success:

  • Friends and Co-Workers
    Chances are you have people that own websites. If so then they could be benefitting from one of our many monetization tools. Help them monetize their traffic with Propeller Ads and as they earn so will you.
  • Banner or Text Links
    If you have a blog or a personal website, add one of our banner links (found in your Publisher’s account) and convert your website visitors into paying referrals. For the best results your site should be related to affiliate marketing, monetization, SEO, web development etc. The most prominent position of banner ads is above the fold, which means the space that is seen before any scrolling.
  • Blog about Us
    If you own your own blog or video channel you could publish content about Propeller Ads. For example, post a positive review or a tutorial showing publishers how to maximize their income. Then just include your Referral Link in all clickable links within the article.
  • Social Networks
    Social media is a powerful tool for collecting referrals. Write a post to your social network or tweet about your experience with us and some of your followers will be engaged.
  • Use Your Communication Skills
    Forums, online communities, discussion groups and even blog comments are a great source of quality referrals. If someone asks about help or looking a way to monetize his online content, just share your experience. But don’t forget to read the community terms and ask permission before posting any referral link.
  • Use Forum Signatures
    If you are an active member in an online community related to webmastering, development, affiliate marketing, SEO etc. – simply add your referral link to your signature and you can earn referrals with little to no effort.
  • Use Email Signatures
    Just like the forum signature, add your referral link and a short description of Propeller Ads into your email signature so that you can potentially gain new referrals every time you hit send.

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