How To Make Money Online By Promoting Breathable Face Masks

Hi Everyone and Welcome to the Savvy Engineer community, In today’s video we are going to be showing you how to Make Money Online By Promoting Breathable Face Masks using one of the best online platforms in the world, chinavasion!

Why do You need To Promote Breathable Face Masks?

According to world Health Organisation Document;

The use of masks is part of a comprehensive package of the prevention and control measures that can limit the spread of certain respiratory viral diseases, including COVID-19. Masks can be used either for the protection of healthy persons (worn to protect oneself when in contact with an infected individual) or for source control (worn by an infected individual to prevent onward transmission).

What is the best platform which provides good quality Breathable Face Masks?

Chinavasion is one of the best platforms which provide good quality breathable face masks, if you don’t know anything about this platform, Chinavasion focuses on cross-border export e-commerce and is committed to select top suppliers and optimize quality goods, always supply top-class customer service. High-quality Goods, Affordable Price, Top Selected Suppliers, Convenient Logistics, Payment Security, Professional Service.

Chinavasion, founded in 2004, is one of the best e-commerce platforms. It is a part of CHINAVASION WHOLESALE LIMITED COMPANY. they mainly engaged in cross-border E-Commerce and is committed to providing retailers and wholesalers with high-quality products as well as professional customer service.

China is the world’s largest manufacturing nation, offering customers low-price and high-quality products. they strive to invade the world with best of the Chinese electronics, to be a bridge that connects China with every corner of the world!

Although they started as an electronics hub for serving both B2C and B2B customers and Chinese suppliers, they are working hard to improve our systems to meet the requirements of the customers and suppliers offering them a trusted partner in China for all their electronics gadget needs.

Why do you need to Join Chinavasion Affiliate Marketing Program?

So After Reading about this powerful platform, now you are wondering what are the benefits of joining Chinavasion affiliate program and promoting breathable face masks!

  • Join for free and earn 6% on all sales.
  • High conversion – high average sale – over $150.
  • Cookie duration/ return day tracking of 45 days.
  • Multiple promotional and merchandising tools.
  • Second Tier Commissions 1%
  • Trusted third-party tracking and payment

How to join Chinavasion Affiliate Program?

In order for you to join chinavasion affiliate program, you need first to create a shareasale affiliate account, to do this follow every single step shown below ;

First, Click on the button below to create a shareasale affiliate account

Second, you need to complete a process of 5 steps, put a correct information. (see the picture below)

step 2

Third, Once you have been accepted on shareasale , hover over merchants ,then click on search for merchants, type chinavasion in the keyword search Field, then click on go.

step 3

Fourth, instead of getting a green button ‘get links‘ like we do because we are already a member in the Chinavasion affiliate program, you will see a blue button ‘join program’, click on it and try to tell the Chinavasion company what are your promotional methods and marketing plans; tell them that you are planning to use social media platforms like Pinterest

step 4

How to Select a Breathable face mask product on chinavasion and generate your affiliate link?

.Once you have been accepted on chinavasion affiliate program, now you can select your first product to promote and to do this you need to follow the steps described below;

  • Step 1: visit Chinavasion website, type breathable face mask on the search field
step 1
  • Step 2: Select your favorite face mask to promote on pinterest.
step 2
  • Step 3: Copy the page url of the product
step 3
  • Step 4: log in to your Shareasale affiliate account then click on get links of the Chinavasion merchant, go to create a custom link, paste the product URL then generate your affiliate link
step 4

Why do you need to use Pinterest to promote your first face mask product?

Pinterest is a web and mobile application company that operates a photo and idea
sharing website. It is a free website that allow users to upload, save, sort, and manage images or videos (known as pins) through collections known as pin boards.

Face masks pins on pinterest

Pinterest goes viral because it works like a real-life bulletin board, you can save any ideas or any online content such as recipes, fashions, styles, or other inspirations you find interesting and compile it on your pinboards so you can access them easily whenever you need it.

Steps to Promote your first face mask on Pinterest?

Promoting your products on pinterest will be a big deal for your future business especially when you are a member of affiliate marketing companies, and in this section you are going to learn how to create your first pin using your affiliate link;

  • Step 1 : click on create then create pin
step 1
  • Step 2 : Here you need to add the title of the face mask product, its description, your affiliate link, add an image, create and select a board.
step 2
  • this is how it looks like to fill all the required information, finally click on publish.
step 3

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