SolidWorks Basics A Project Based Approach

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This illustrated handbook provides a complete course, taking readers step-by-step through the basic operations of SolidWorks 2014. 

Written by an expert and experienced instructor in this versatile program, it reveals how SolidWorks, a full two-way parametric design tool, can be used to create fluid models with myriad features.   

SolidWorks Basis is for anyone new to CAD software who wants to learn how to use SolidWorks® and for those who want to increase their proficiency in this program.  It can be used in virtually any setting, from four-year engineering community colleges and vocational/technical schools to industrial training centers.

 A well-designed self-study manual, it also is an excellent resource for professionals who use SolidWorks.   

FEATURES This complete course is the most fun and effective method for mastering SolidWorks.It can be used to learn or teach others how to use any version of SolidWorks, including the 2015 software release.

Detailed instructions teach both specific steps and good design skills.Full-color illustrated projects design LEGO® Minions™, Bar Pullers, Center Jigs, Turkey Calls, and more.

Explanations cover how parts are broken down into logical features that are created, refined, and added.QR codes (in the print edition) and Web links (in the ebook) take readers to online instructional videos. Additional materials are available online for adopting instructors.