CATIA Drafting Expert Pdf Book

Welcome to the Drafting Expert Lesson!

 This guide is intended to help you get familiar with the Drafting product. It has been designed to show you how to Create an interactive view and draw a sketch on it in addition of Inserting annotations to dress-up the views among other options like Using advanced dimensioning tools. 

You will also be introduced to the 2D-3D links management and to the drafting workbench customization.

Targeted audience CATIA V5 Mechanical Designers, Draftsmen

Prerequisites Students attending this course should be familiar with the basics of 2D views creation in CATIA V5.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Drafting Workbench
  • Generative Drafting Presentation
  • Drafting: General Process
  • Accessing the Workbench
  • Drafting Toolbars and Objects
  • Drafting Terminology
  •  Creating Interactive Views
  • Starting an Interactive Drawing
  • Drawing the Views
  • Adding Projection Views
  • Methods and Recommendations
  • Adding Annotations and Text
  • Creating Tables
  • Graphic Dress-up
  • Instantiating Elements From a Catalog
  • Methods and Recommendations
  • Sheets Management
  • Views Management
  • Customizing the Drafting Workbench
  • Drawing Customization Options
  • Setting Drafting options
  • Standard Management