CATIA Part Design Expert Pdf Book

Welcome to the Part Design Expert Lesson. This guide is intended to help you get familiar with the Part Design product. It has been designed to show you how to create a part. There are several ways of creating a part. This book covers all the stages for the creation of a part.

Upon completion of this Book, you will be able to: Use 3D reference Elements to create a part -Create advanced Sketch-Based Features -Apply Advanced Dress-Up Features -Design using Boolean operations -Share Designs by working in Multi-Model environment -Analyze Parts -Annotate Parts for review

Targeted audience CATIA V5 Mechanical Designers
Prerequisites Students attending this course should have the knowledge of CATIA V5 Fundamentals, Getting started with CATIA V5, Sketcher, Part Design Fundamentals.

Table of Contents

  • Using 3D Elements to Create a Part
  • Introduction to Using 3D Elements to Create a Part
  • Local Axis 3D Wireframe Elements
  • Holes/Pads not Normal to Sketch Plane
  • Creating Pads and Pockets from Surfaces
  • Surface-Based Features
  • 3D Constraints
  • Using 3D Elements To Create Parts Recommendations
  • Using 3D Elements to Create a Part: Recap Exercises
  • Angle Bracket
  • Sketch-Based Features
  • Introduction to Sketch-Based Features
  • Creating Ribs and Slots
  • Creating Stiffeners
  • Creating Multi-sections Solid
  • Sketch-Based Features Recommendation
  • Sketch-Based Features: Recap Exercises
  • Part Manipulations
  • Introduction to Part Manipulations
  • Scanning a Part
  • Design Using Boolean Operations
  • Cut, Paste, Isolate, Break
  • Sharing Geometries
  • Sketch Selection with Multi-Document Links
  • Part Manipulations Recommendations
  • Part Manipulations: Recap Exercises
  • Dress-Up Features
  • Introduction to Dress-Up Features
  • Advanced Drafts
  • Thickness
  • Removing Faces
  • Replacing a Face with a Surface
  • Dress-Up Features Recommendations
  • Dress-Up Features: Recap Exercises
  • Part Analysis
  • Introduction to Part Analysis
  • Analyzing Threads and Taps
  • Draft Analysis
  • Surface Curvature Analysis
  • Part Analysis: Recap Exercises
  • Annotations
  • Introduction to Annotations
  • Text with Leader
  • Flag Note with Leader
  • Annotations Recommendations
  • Annotations: Recap Exercise